West Marches

A Kobalt or Two

Vraal gra-Urdrul; Nimitae Vanoro; the Bird Man and Prisoner, a new addition to the gang, walked out today in search of random adventures by heading north towards the mountains. A group of Kobalt’s started watching them and Vraal wanted to hit thing so they went right at ‘em.
Soon after the encounter started it was clear that prisoner was a complete maniac: He thought it would be an excellent idea to jump on the head of one of the Kobalts. The rest kept of fight not knowing anything else to do. When they were all dead, everyone looked towards Prisoner and watched in awe as the Kobalt he was still clinging to seemed to forget all about Prisoner and continued on it’s merry wayy.
The beast lead us back to an impermanent camp in a cave where the rest were slaughtered.

We gained no quests and no items.



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