West Marches

Finding a Purpose

Nimitae Vanoro,Vraal gra-Urdrul, the paladin, and the wizard met up in the general store of The West Marches and headed off to find adventures.

They met with the guard-captain of the military forces in The West Marches, name, who told them of a highly wanted man who had become a leader of the bandit forces. He promised the party three masterwork weapons in return for either bringing back the man, or eliminating him.

The party then went off in search of some bandits to kill and successfully ambushed an ambush by the river, taking out a number of bandits and securing their horses and one hostage who was of little use. The Party then went back to the in, fell asleep of the night and decided it would be a good idea to examine a graveyard in the morning.

Inside one of the tombs they found two horrific creatures with paralyzing, poisonous fangs. This is where the tank of the party, Nimitae’s Lynx Verrah, was established and it was learned that disrupt evil, smite undead and cure light wounds where all very useful spells. Inside the coffin the party found a magical necklace and a sword.


I will start using other characters names when they are up on the site.

Finding a Purpose

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