West Marches

Old Fears

The gang set out to destroy more evil, on a brilliant West Marches day, with a few new friends; a crow man monk and a fighter. The paladin was still recovering from his dealings with the graveyard gools and opted out of the adventure this day.

As the party trundled through the forest, they stumbled upon a wild boar with a broken, magical spear pertruding from the beast’s rump. Nimitae attempted to calm the beast and pull the spear and succeeded only in making the boar not immediately run away, but he did eventually get away with the spear still firmly attacked to his rear.

The party walked along the river for a ways until they saw the cut bridge. A devilish looking man arose from the water muttering about how he must kill the stag lord who killed him. The party was a bit frightened but soon decided to investigate the scene of the crime and, after much too much time,they found the manner of his death.

Further down the river, the party found several bloodless boars and followed the tracks to a deep spider den. Nimitae, having had bad experiences with spiders in her childhood, freaked as two monstrous spiders fell from above upon the group. They were, however, swiftly dealt with. Then Nimitae’s nightmare really began with a hoard of smaller spiders crawling all over her and Verrah. The half-elf panicked and produced flame in her hands, jumping and waving her arms wildly about until, to everyone’s surprise, nearly all the little spiders lay dead.

Everyone was very happy to get out of the burnt-spider smelling cave and back to the inn for some much needed rest, except for Vraal who insisted on checking out the putrid rotten body laying in the corner. After barely resisting a hearty vomit, Vraal emerged with a stag necklace, the same as the other.



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