Vraal gra-Urdrul

A half-orc ranger who knows the wilderness better than his own dead father.


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At the age of 19, Vraal is considered an adult in Orc society. He grew up in the half-Orc stronghold Urdrul, living life the simple way as is expected in all Orc strongholds. He learned the trades of blacksmithing from his mother (as it always is in a stronghold), a small amount of herbal healing from Urdrul’s wise-woman, and a not-so-small amount of leatherworking from his father, the chieftain.

14 years into his life, Vraal was fully grown at 6’6" with more muscle on him than a large packhorse. At this point, he challenged his father to one-on-one combat. He severed his father’s spinal cord after around 15 minutes of endless fighting. The last thing his father ever said to him was this: “I am proud to fall at your hand.” He won, but not without his own injuries. His left eye had taken a massive slash from the downstroke of his father’s greatsword. Luckily for him, the wise-woman was able to nurse his sight back to full health, but there was no avoiding the tissue damage. A brutal scar still trailed down his face from forehead to upper jaw, and his eye was left entirely colourless.

He was now the chief of Urdrul. This, for hundreds of years, had been the way chiefhood was passed. Vraal spent the next 2 years of his life doing what chiefs do: leading raids, solving conflicts, and bearing strong children with all the women in the hold (this is done to assure the tenacity of all the children born; their father must always be powerful). But then he got bored. He passed chiefhood to his 15 year old brother, and with only his personally-crafted items, left the hold to do what lone half-Orcs do: explore and destroy.

After a few years of this, living mostly off his own survival skills learned in the stronghold, he came upon an inn. According to the innkeeper, it was the last known civilized area on the brink of an unexplored, expansive, and definitely dangerous region. It was known to the few who dared enter it as The West Marches.

Vraal gra-Urdrul

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