Welcome to the West Marches, a land of looming peaks and foreboding forests. This is a campaign idea that is, in all honesty, stolen from the genius mind of Ben Robbins over at Ars Ludi. Please, feel free to read his description of the game type for I could not do a better one myself. I hope to stay true to the core aspects of the game style while maintaing my own level of originality and creativity. Ideally I will be taking something that is already good and making it better.

As this campaign (or lack there of; more on that in the above link) is still in its fledgeling stages this wiki and surrounding pages are bare. Within the next week that will be fixed and our heros, or anti-heros, will be ready to strap on their swords, ready their spells and face the untouched wilds and splendours of the West Marches.

West Marches

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